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our studio internet service provide is time warner. find the username and password for our account by following the passwords link in the staff resources? section of this wiki.

to change the settings on the modem, it might need to be plugged in directly to the macmini or whatever computer your connecting from

if the modem needs a pw and it's unknown, factory reset it and wait till it reboots

open the network system prefs in OSX

the modem should eventually send the computer an ip address, and gateway

if you click the settings for Ethernet on the left in the network window you should be able to see the ip address and gateway once the modem boots up

type in the gateway ip address into a browser like safari or Firefox

the modem settings page should show

factory default pw is going to be something written on the bottom of the modem

once the ISP account login info is set and saved on the modem, it sometimes takes like 10-15 minutes to connect to the isp and get internet running

Page last modified on May 21, 2017

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