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KCHUNG has two streaming server accounts through voscast.

the first stream (used for live in-studio broadcasts and automated playback of KCHUNG's archive) can be found at

the second stream (used for live remote broadcasts and automated playback of KCHUNG news programming) can be found at

both streams have a maximum bitrate of 96kb/s, but allow for unlimited listeners. each account costs $24.95/month.

for login and password info for these accounts, login to the staff resources section of this wiki.

the streaming protocol we use is SHOUTcast. using this protocol, we can include various metadata with the stream (artist, title info, etc) and receive info about number of listeners.

we use the application nicecast to encode the audio and metadata as a SHOUTcast stream, then send it to voscast so that multiple listeners can access the stream without each listener needing to connect directly to our studio computer.

Page last modified on October 13, 2015

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