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here's how to find a show missing from the kchung archive.

the kchung archive has three parts:

  1. local (studio computer) storage of mp3s
this is the "archive" folder on the desktop of the studio computer. at the end of each broadcast, the station manager puts all the recordings (as mp3s) into this folder, organized into sub-folders organized by date (formatted as YYYY-MM-DD).
  1. remote (cloud) storage of mp3s
this is s3 cloud storage managed by dreamhost. similar to FTP, but with its own rules and syntax. you can browse the cloud storage using command line or applications like cyberduck (free software).
  1. remote database (stored on LACA's server).
the archive webpage is automatically generated from the database entries, which include links to the remotely stored mp3 files, and any metadata about the show, which is added via the LACA website.

is there an entry for the show on the website, but the file won't load?

use cyberduck (or other s3 browsing method) to confirm that the file exists in the cloud storage, and that the permissions are set to "everyone : read" (info about configuring software to browse the cloud storage is here).
check the database entry on the LACA website (by clicking "edit" under the show entry) to make sure the URL for the file is not garbled. it should be formatted: note that is an alias for the cloud storage "bucket", which lives at

is there no entry for the show on the website?

use cyberduck to check if the file has been uploaded properly to the cloud storage. if so, you can manually create a database entry via the LACA website by clicking "add new program" OR you can re-run the archive-sync process to batch-upload many shows at once by following the steps below.
check the local archive folder on the studio computer (info about remotely accessing the studio computer can be found here) to make sure all of the files missing from the website exist and are properly named (show_title-DD.MM.YYYY.mp3)
delete the files from the cloud storage from within cyberduck
launch the archive-sync script from the studio computer's dock

are the shows missing from the local archive folder on the studio computer?

this is just like finding files on any computer - search on the studio computer by date and time created, look in the trash, in the "AIFF and WAV" folder, in the "nicecast broadcast archive" folder, etc... it's possible that the files are not named correctly, or were never renamed from the nicecast-generated name...
Page last modified on September 16, 2019

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