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KCHUNG’s broadcast console is an Arrakis Systems ARC-10.

The manual is available online here: The "Operating Instructions" are in Section 3. A copy of the full manual as a PDF is on the Desktop of the studio computer as CONSOLE_FULL_MANUAL.pdf A condensed version (just the pages pertaining to basic operation) are on the studio computer as CONSOLE_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

Here is a quick preview of the key features and highlights of the new board:

Buttons: To activate a button, press it, and it will illuminate. To deactivate an illuminated/active button, press it again.

Microphone channels: When either of the two primary Mic Channels is activated, any audio going to the monitors cuts out to prevent feedback. DJs and their guests should use headphones while the mics are engaged in order to continue to hear any music/sound that is being played on another channel, and to hear themselves "in the mix" as they are talking.

Input Channel options: There are three buttons above each channel’s fader: PGM (“Program”), AUD (“Audition”), and CUE. All Channels should be set to “PGM” (“Program”) indicated by a green light in order to send audio to the stream and transmitter. “AUD” (“Audition”) and CUE options don’t go over the air, and so can be used to preview an input channel and to set levels before adding them to Program.

Monitor and Headphone Mix: What you send to the monitors and headphones is independent of what gets sent to the stream and transmitter. Only “Program” (PGM) will go over the air. Using the monitor selector switch (to the left of the monitor and headphone volume controls), you can choose to listen to any inputs that have the “Audition” (AUD) option selected, in order to preview an input and set levels before adding that input to the Program mix. There will also be the option to monitor the stream through the board (“AIR”) but that hasn’t been set up yet. Monitor and Headphone mixes are the same, except for the muting that kicks in when the microphones are on (see above). Monitor and headphone volume adjustments are independent, and have no effect on the VU Meters, or the levels being sent to the stream.

VU Meters: The VU meters will show the levels for whatever the monitor selection switch is set to (PGM, AUD, or AIR). There is no master volume control for what gets sent over the air (“Program”), so be careful to watch the VU meters and keep levels in the right range by adjusting the levels on each input channel: the needle should peak as close to 0dB as possible, going over 0dB (into the red) is ok, but don’t let the needles stay up there constantly.

Cue Feature: Activating the yellow CUE button above a fader will play the audio currently headed to that channel from the CUE speaker built into the console, as well as in the headphones. This audio is not going out over the air! This optional method is a way for a DJ to "cue up" audio without having that audio go "over the air." After audio source has been cued, de-activate the yellow cue button!

Please keep all liquids and beverages away from the console area!

If you have any questions about the broadcast console operation, please email [email protected]

Page last modified on September 17, 2019

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