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these can all be tax-deductible donations. if you would like to donate materials or services, please email [email protected]

materials wishlist

for the studio:

  1. tape deck
  2. acoustic treatment
  3. drinkable water/water cooler
  4. lights, lamps
  5. cdj's
  6. turntable needles
  7. cleaning supplies, toilet paper
  8. lounge furniture
  9. a news van, or bus
  10. paper cutter, bone folder
  11. web hosting
  12. shoutcast streaming server
  13. local hard disk storage

services wishlist

  1. lots of volunteer opportunities at kchung!
  2. if you have skills as an electrician we could use help with wiring
  3. planning / maintaining the studio
  4. web design help
  5. cleaning
  6. building furniture
  7. helping out with projects and installations out in the world

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Page last modified on May 20, 2017

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