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KCHUNG is a community radio resource and artists’ co-operative based in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Since 2011, KCHUNG has pursued a distributed, affinity-based structure that places a premium on openness to participation. Round-the-clock broadcasts and site-specific projects implemented by more than 200 contributing members draw upon the diversity of Los Angeles’ multiple music, arts, and social justice movements.

A platform for unrestricted expression candid exchange, KCHUNG  transmits cultural and political discourse, music, sound, art, news, and performance through localized broadcasts in the city of Los Angeles and online to the world, expanding on the tradition of radio as an empowering creative medium.

KCHUNG’s collective work has been featured in the Hammer Museum’s Made in LA biennial, and is produced through frequent collaborations with cultural organizations at all scales, including Ooga Booga, Thank You For Coming, Perform Chinatown, MOCA, Human Resources, Pehrspace, LA Zine Fest, Night Gallery, The Smell, Pehrspace, LACMA, The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Getty Museum.

kchung's mission

kchung radio of los angeles provides to the peoples of los angeles:
a transmission of music / sound / art, cultural and political discourse and experimental  performance
expanding/continuing the tradition of radio as medium
a platform for community dialogue, introspection and creative expression and cooperation between individuals and institutions on matters culture/ art/ society
a vehicle for uncensored expression by voices underrepresented in mainstream media
it’s an open portal, anyone can join, non-competitive entrance to broadcast, a service to voice opinions by los angeles artists and interested citizens
collaborations with cultural and educational institutions in los angeles
opportunities to learn about micro broadcast radio operation; providing service of training sessions
kchung functions as an ever-growing archive of contemporary los angeles liiiife
programs on queer discourse/feminist discourse
international exchanges—connecting with other radio platforms/ individuals abroad
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